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On-Site Computer Repair

Actions Computer Repair offers many on-site services to simplify and advance the technology in your life. Whether home or business, we come to you and provide premier, on-site computer repair services across all Southwest Florida.

Virus Removal

We stay up to date with the latest virus trends and remain current with the most efficient way to eradicate them from your systems. Our trained staff brings the industry's top professional software’s to seek and destroy the threats. After the threats have been removed, it is our job to secure your system by preventing access to key files and ensure we equip your system with the most advanced all in one protection. Thus, preventing data loss and future corruption.

Computer Optimization

If your computer is running slow we do more than just use disk cleanup to clean out your junk files. We access files that are deep in the directory that many programs will not search in to clean unnecessary data. We also know key items in your operating system to turn off or on to allow for a smoother experience while you’re surfing the web or checking your email. After our initial visit, we might explore other options to enhance your experiences such as RAM upgrades, SSD upgrades, and even processor upgrades which will make your system run even faster than most new systems on the market today. This will ensure that your PC will last longer without running slower.
Our goal is to get you doing more without delays and using your computer to its fullest potential.

Remote Service

Sometimes your busy schedule does not permit an onsite visit as soon as you would like one. Other times issues arise when you are out of town on business, at your second home or vacationing. We have options for those situations, too! Remote support is available to all new and existing clients. It can be provided in many situations as long as the computer is able to turn on and successfully connect to the internet. This software allows us to access your computer and perform the repairs or maintenance no matter where you are in the world. We do so after your permission, of course. Unsure if remote service is an option for your repair? Give us a call or contact us via the contact form on our website to inquire about this option. Are you ready to get started with remote support? Click the blue “remote support” button at the top right of the page to download the Team Viewer software and we will take it from there.

Please note: Remote support is provided as a courtesy to our clients for sessions lasting 15 minutes or less. Any session spanning past that initial 15 minutes will be billed for the full first hour at our hourly rate. Any new hour that passes 15 minutes into the hour will be billed as another full hour. For example, a session spanning from 1 pm-2:10 pm would be billed for 1 hour, totaling $90.00. A session spanning from 1 pm-2:30 pm would be billed for 2 hours at 90/h, totaling $180.00. We do not bill by the minute, 15, or 30 minute increments. Payment for remote support is due upon completion of the remote support session.

Computer Clean & Maintenance

Our clients see their computers as a valuable and convenient tool in their everyday lives. For that reason, we recommend that they maintain them as such. We advise our residential clients, utilizing their computer for personal use, schedule a computer clean up and update with us at least one time per year. Business clientele and those who's computers take on heavier use should see us for routine maintenance once every 6 months. Your computer is a lot like your car. If you don't service it, larger problems will arise. Don't take the risk of large issues and a more costly visit by waiting too long to have your computer properly serviced.

Printer Set-up

Purchased a brand new printer and not sure what to do now? We offer new printer setup for any residential or business client. Proper printer setup ensures that the settings are correct for your printing and scanning needs and the printer is properly connected to your network. We can also connect a printer to your cell phone, tablet and other devices for a convenient way to print to your home printer when you are in another room or on the go.

Hard Drive & Other Upgrades

A slow computer can be caused by a multitude of issues but many times the issue lies with your existing, dated hard drive. A hard drive upgrade to a solid state drive is an affordable and simple way to have your computer running faster than it ever did, even when new! We have installed hundreds of solid state drives and have extensive experience with this upgrade. Solid state drives are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit each client's needs. Give us a call to inquire what size solid state drive fits your needs and to discuss an upgrade. We also offer Ram, wireless card, operating system, power supply and graphics card upgrades to fit each individual user’s needs.

Internet Security

There are countless virus protection software brands on the market and it's difficult to decide what's right for you. Believe it or not many of the most popular brands you see are not the optimum choice. While this category is certainly ever-evolving, that doesn't mean our clients have time to stay on top of those changes themselves. That's why ACR stay's on top of the changes for you. We are constantly researching and testing virus protection to make sure that we are recommending the most efficient, affordable and user-friendly virus protection on the market. Give us a call before purchasing your virus protection. You will be surprised just how affordable, reliable total virus protection can be.

Mobile & Home Device Help

ACR is also available to assist with all of your mobile and home devices. Android, Apple, and Google mobile phones, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Sonos, just to name a few. While technology is certainly convenient, it doesn't mean it's always user-friendly. Instead of spending several, stressful hours trying to conquer the technology in your life, give us a call and let us help you put everything in working order. We can also teach you how to better utilize your everyday technology so that you're not stuck calling us at every turn.

Once you understand your technology, you will wonder why you didn't learn years ago.

Wi-Fi Networking

Does your Wi-Fi network seem unstable? Maybe you desire to have a network upgrade or think that you may possibly need a stronger device for your environment? We can help with that. Like all technology, there are many devices on the market and they all promise an outstanding Wi-Fi network. That is not the case at all. Your needs may not be the same as your neighbors. Your needs at home are certainly not the same as your office, in most cases. Let us narrow down the choices and get you set up with an optimal system for your needs. A stable Wi-Fi network ensures that your internet is running at its best and all your devices follow suit.

In other cases your computers built in Wi-Fi adapter could be causing the slow connection. We can correct this issue as well. No one should be stuck with a slow connection. If you find yourself in a Wi-Fi rut, give us a call so we can get everything functioning the way it should be.

Internet & Television Provider Help

Trouble understanding the charges for your internet service? Perplexed about which package is necessary for your specific needs? Many of our clients dread deciphering their internet charges and options with their internet and television provider. A different person every time you call, different information with each person you speak to. The process can certainly be frustrating and time-consuming for the consumer. Some of our clients find that they are paying for far more than they need and others find that they have not opted for enough. We can help you communicate with your service provider to ensure that you are paying for what you need and most importantly, receiving what you're paying for. We can also ensure that the devices provided by your internet and television provider are up-to-date.

Computer Lessons

We offer computer lessons to any of our clients. We do recommend that these appointments stay in a 1-2 hour time frame, for retention purposes. Whether you are wanting to learn the basics of the processes you desire to use daily or you would like to learn a more complicated process you wish to utilize. We can assist you in both areas. Please see our current, computer lesson rate listed on the "How We Work" page.

Non-touch Laptop Screen Replacement

We offer screen replacement on all non-touch screen laptop's. Please note that we do not keep laptop screens in stock due to them being make and model specific. Most laptop screens can be ordered the same day and arrive within 2 business days. Replacement generally takes place the following business day, after screen arrival. Please see our current screen replacement rate listed on the "How We Work" page.

Keyboard Replacement

We replace standard and backlit keyboards on Windows PC’s. Please note that we do not keep replacement keyboards in stock due to them being make and model specific. Most keyboards can be ordered the same day and arrive within 2 business days. Replacement generally takes place the following business day, after keyboard arrival. Please see our current keyboard replacement rates listed on the "How We Work" page.

Data Recovery

We personally offer data recovery for clients who have lost data on their desktop computers or laptops. Data recovery is available on-site and remotely in select cases. In extreme cases, e.g. fire, flood, physical damage, Actions Computer Repair has also partnered with Drivesavers, an industry leader in data recovery. Drivesavers offers safe, effective tools and techniques to retrieve your critical information, photos, and documents from a range of devices. Please contact us today to find out which data recovery option best fits your needs. We can assist you every step of the way!

Need a new computer?

At Actions Computer Repair we understand that going into a store and purchasing a computer can be a daunting task. Many times, the sales associates seem to only know about the products they’re selling by reading the description laid out in front of each model.

Our approach to recommending your new equipment is far different. We ask a few questions about what you do with your computer, and then we find the item(s) that fits your needs with a price that fits your budget. In other words, we narrow the 1000’s of options down for you and only provide you with a group of options best suited for your present and future needs and current budget. Options that we have personal experience with and more importantly brands we trust. We don't always go by what is popular or in some cases considered a trendy brand. Instead, we narrow down your choices based on what is less likely to be in need of frequent repairs and upgrades.

Working with 1000’s of different machines over the years we have learned what is worth owning and what is not, and we are always researching and testing new models to stay current in our knowledge and opinions. Not all technology is created equal. Call us first before you make your technology investment.

Not all technology is created equal.

Call us first before you make your technology investment.