Business Pricing

We understand how important technology is to your business. Count on ACR to provide real solutions and minimal downtime.

Residential Pricing

Technology use has different meanings for each household and each family member. We can help perform simple or more complex tasks.


Actions Computer Repair Pricing & Process

On-Site Services

ACR operates a little differently than your standard service professional. With a consistently rapid turn around time, depending on your schedule. We are there to correct the issue, the right way, the first time.

Real Solutions

We provide real solutions. The bulk of our repairs are completed quickly that same day. Sometimes a new part is required. In that case, we place the order for you and schedule the install the necessary part.

No Service Call Fees

No service call fees or travel fees. Our hourly rate starts when we arrive at your door. We always include a 30-day warranty on the service we provide, excluding parts. We also offer remote support to all our clients.

We Support Our Troops & All Community Heroes


Our military and community heroes discount is 15% off of labor cost for our residential Patriots and Patriot-owned businesses


Computer Repair FAQs

Is computer repair only provided in Naples, Florida or are you near me, too?

Because ACR is an on-site company here in Southwest Florida, we are all over Lee and Collier County, every day. So in short, yes, we are near you, in more ways than one!

ACR is actively providing computer repair in Estero, Naples, Marco Island, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Lehigh Acres. Many of those clients also have homes in other states and other countries and we assist with the technology in those homes, too.

Utilizing remote software allows us to service any and all of our clients technology, no matter where they are. Thus providing our clients with one company for all of their computer needs and one team well versed in their specific technology situation.

We don’t claim to be your best computer repair source for no reason. We’re constantly fine-tuning our methods to be nothing short of your best option.

Do you provide cell phone repair?

At this time, ACR does not repair cell phone parts like broken screens and charging ports. However, ACR does offer a wide range of cell phone and smart home device help. In terms of your device set up, device connectivity, instruction of use, and much more.

Having trouble with your cell phone? Give us a call. It is most likely in our scope of practice and if not, we have a local recommendation.

Do you perform computer repair at my home?

Yes! Actions Computer Repair is a complete on-site computer repair company. We come to you, you bring nothing to us. Computer repair at home, or in office, it’s completely up to you! This is just another way we are simplifying and modernizing your computer repair process. All while maintaining our reputation as your best computer repair option in Southwest Florida.

Should I attempt my laptop repair on my own, before calling ACR?

Actions Computer Repair has a wide range of clientele. While we understand that some of our clientele have more computer knowledge than others, we generally do not recommend our clients attempt laptop repair on their own.

We all lead busy lives and time is money. Most times, laptop repair processes take Actions Computer Repair no time at all but may take the client hours or even a full day to handle. This results in a stressed and defeated client.

Most times they call us anyway, and at that point, most of their day has been wasted on something that we could have taken care of in a short period of time. If the fix is simple and we can advise you over the phone, we certainly will.

Don’t spend hours trying to diagnose the laptop yourself before making a simple phone call to us to inquire about your laptop repair needs.

Would Microsoft ever call me to help fix my computer when I have not contacted them?

The answer is simply, no. Never. These phishing scams are well known in Southwest Florida and prey on unsuspecting customers.

These people scam you out of hundreds of dollars before most home and business owners start to believe it may be a scam. If you fall victim to this scam though, we can help. We can solve the issues created by this situation quickly and effectively.

What is the safest way to store my passwords?

ACR believes that writing your passwords down and storing them in a safe place is a much smarter option. That’s right, the old-fashioned way.

Backing up all your passwords in the cloud is convenient, sure, but on a daily basis, hackers are attempting to break into those companies to steal your sensitive information. Don’t risk it. Keep your passwords personal and close.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Do not settle for “cheaper”. Do adequate research for all repair technicians. It is very important that your computer service professional has the proper training, experience, and problem-solving ability to handle your specific needs efficiently and promptly.

Cheaper may not end up being cheaper in the long run when dealing with a sub-par technician or company. Most importantly make sure your technology professional is licensed and insured.

Not All Technology is Created Equal


We work with the most reputable technology brands on the market. We will come to your home or office whenever you need technical support and expertise with your technology.