How We Work

consistently rapid turn around time

Our Process

ACR operates a little differently than your standard service professional. With a consistently rapid turn around time we are generally at your door within 24-48 hours, depending on your schedule. When we arrive, we are there to correct the issue, the right way, the first time. We provide real solutions, right then and there. The bulk of our repairs are completed quickly that same day. Sometimes a new part is required and needs to be ordered. In that case, we place the order right then for you to see and proceed to schedule the next appointment to install the necessary part. No service call fees or travel fees. Our hourly rate starts when we arrive at your door. Our on-site minimum is equivalent to a 1-hour charge at $75/h. We always include a 30-day warranty on the service we provide, excluding parts. We also offer remote support to all our clients. Remote support is often an easy and useful tool to rectify issues without an on-site appointment. We can quickly tell you if your issue allows remote support as an option.

Pricing Info

$75.00 per hour for residential and business accounts. 1-hour minimum charge for all on-site appointments.

*Any new hour during your on-site visit that surpasses 15 minutes will be billed for the full hour.

$225.00, includes screen. *At this time, we do not replace touch screens.

$100.00 per hour. We recommend these appointments do not exceed 2 hours at a time for retention purposes.

$112.00 per hour

*Any new hour during your on-site visit that surpasses 15 minutes will be billed for the full hour.

$150.00 per hour

*Any new hour during your on-site visit that surpasses 15 minutes will be billed for the full hour.

$75.00 per hour

Remote support is provided as a courtesy to our clients for sessions lasting 15 minutes or less. Any session spanning past that initial 15 minutes will be billed for the full first hour at $75.00 per hour. Any new hour that passes 15 minutes into the hour will be billed as another full hour.

Windows PC standard keyboard: $110.00, includes keyboard.

Windows PC Backlit keyboard: $160.00, includes keyboard.

Like remote support, phone support is provided at no charge to our existing clients for any call lasting 15 minutes or under. Any calls extending past 15 minutes will be billed for the full hour. Any hour that follows the first hour will be billed the same as an on-site visit at $75 per hour.

Pre-Paid Packages

As a convenience to our clients, we also offer discounted rates if hours are purchased in increments of ten or more. These bundles must be pre-paid in full at the time of package start. The pre-paid package does not expire and is valid for use during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm for On-site and remote support. Requested after hours, Sunday and Holiday service will be billed separately.

Phone and remote support will also be applied towards available pre-paid time. Pre-paid packages are for labor cost only and do not include any hardware or software that may be necessary. All telephone and remote support calls over 15 minutes will be billed as a one-hour call. *Please be aware there are issues we are unable to troubleshoot over the telephone and will require an on-site appointment. These issues present themselves quickly and we will be sure to inform you of this before continuing with any billed telephone support.

Computer Repair


Save time and money by purchasing a pre-paid* service package.

10 Hour Plan

10 / hours
@ $70/hour, $700.00
  • Savings of $50.00

20 Hour Plan

20 / hours
@ $65/hour, $1,300.00
  • Savings of $200.00

30 Hour Plan

30 / hours
@ $60/hour, $1,800.00
  • Savings of $450.00

*All pre-paid package sales are final, packages are not refundable.

Not all technology is created equal.

Call us first before you make your technology investment.