In-Home and In-Office Computer Repair Services Across all of Southwest Florida

Computer repair that comes to you. ACR offers a consistently rapid turnaround time.
We are generally at your door within 24-48 hours. We offer emergency service and many
times same day appointments, depending on the scope of your needs.

Veteran Owned & Operated Company

We support all the men and women in uniform.
A fully licensed and insured, on-site computer repair and maintenance company

Actions Computer Repair

We service all of Lee and Collier counties, business and residential clientele and have been doing so since 2008.

Virus removal & Protection

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Tablet & Smartphone Configuration

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Complete Computer Cleanup

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Processor Upgrades And More!

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Hassle Free
On-Site Service

Unlike other technology companies, we come to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not settle for “cheaper”. Do adequate research for all repair technicians. It is very important that your computer service professional has the proper training, experience, and problem-solving ability to handle your specific needs efficiently and promptly. Cheaper may not end up being cheaper in the long run when dealing with a sub-par technician or company. Most importantly make sure your technology professional is licensed and insured.

ACR believes that writing your passwords down and storing them in safe place is a much smarter option. That’s right, the old-fashioned way. Backing up all your passwords in the cloud is convenient, sure, but on a daily basis hackers are attempting to break into those companies to steal your sensitive information. Don’t risk it. Keep your passwords personal and close.

The answer is simply, no. Never. These phishing scams are well known in Southwest Florida and pray on unsuspecting customers. These people scam you out of hundreds of dollars before most home and business owners start to believe it may be a scam. If you fall victim to this scam though, we can help. We can solve the issues created by this situation quickly and effectively.

Servicing Lee & Collier County – License #112301

We Come To You

Whether you are at home or in the office, we will come to you wherever you are!
Not all technology is created equal.

Call us first before you make
your technology investment.

Office Solutions

Computer problems at the office? We are here to help! We will come to your office whenever you need technical help or advise with your technology moving forward.

Home Solutions

Our in-home solutions to computer repair are simple and hassle-free. Unlike most other technology companies, we will come to you.

Computer Repair & PC Tune-up

If your computer is running slow, we do more than just disk cleanup to clean out your junk files. We offer comprehensive computer cleaning and upgrading. We also offer remote support to all our clients.

Not all technology is created equal.

Call us first before you make your technology investment.